Best Earbuds Under 50 – Best Earbuds Under 50 Dollars

We provide ratings and reviews for all the best earbuds on the market. With so many choices available, it can be hard to find the best pair of in ear headphones for your budget, so we have broken down the ratings into different price categories. Just scroll up to the “categories” link and quickly get access to earbud reviews for different price ranges. Or, if you have no particular budget, you can choose to view all our ratings and simply pick the best earbuds. All the results you see in our reviews are based on average customer ratings.

The type of earbuds you buy depends mostly on your lifestyle and your budget. If you’re looking for information about earbuds, we will give you buying advice about the best earbud headphones currently on the market. But which one are the best for you? For audiophiles its really about sound quality. For travelers and frequent users its all about fit and comfort. For most of you though, its about getting the most bang for your buck.

Determine which one offers you the best performance for your money and your needs. We provide unbiased ratings and reviews to help you choose. All earbud headphones listed here at Earbud Reviews sound great, are very comfortable and will fill your specific needs for the lowest price on the internet. Have fun and good luck!

At this article, you will find an enormous selection of the highest quality earbuds. Only the very best quality and the top designed models will be displayed here. We want to make sure that you choose the set of earbuds that are perfect for your needs and fit what you are looking for in your listening experience.

It’s not that long ago that headphones were big and awkward while not providing very good sound quality. The days of the Sony Walkman in the 1980’s brought personal audio devices to the masses, but it didn’t seem that much thought went into the headphones. Ever since the advent of the Apple iPod you can’t miss those distinctive white headphones and although their sound quality is adequate, for the serious audiophile a great pair of earbuds is one of the best ways to truly experience your digital music.

Earbuds most often come with your personal audio players and are free. The trouble with those earbuds is that they often cost the manufacturer only a few cents and only provide sound quality worth a few cents! Earbuds can either be purchased to rest right inside your outer ear or others can be purchased that will slide right into your ear canal. While that may sound scary, it’s no big deal and they often provide not only the best sound quality, but also help to cancel out noise from around you. Often you will hear the term “canal phones” used to describe earbud headphones like these. If you need to prevent noises from ruining your precious music, a pair of noise-canceling earbuds is exactly what you need. The only downside with these is that you won’t want to ride a bicycle or do anything that would require awareness and the ability to hear sounds while wearing them as their sometimes too effective in canceling out outside sounds.

There are a number of different materials that the earpieces can be made of that will each give a different feeling. Some are thick, some are thin, some are soft and some are a little harder. Each needs to be decided upon to make sure that you get the perfect earbud headphone for you and for the type of music listening that you do. For those that want to spend hours with their headphones on, opt for earbuds with softer earpieces to minimize irritation. A simple material that often gives the best sound quality all the time is foam, so don’t overlook the foam earpieces. They’re like the old stand-by when it comes to headphones, but they really do offer great insulation and sound quality when used on an earbud headphone.

Earbud headphones all have different ways in which they fit and how they handle the wires that attach them to the MP3 player. Some choose to put the wires toward the front while other direct the wires toward the back of your head. This is a personal choice and depending on how what you do with your audio device, various configurations are popular. Most earbud headphones have the ability to play both high and mid-ranges fairly well, but only the better quality and more expensive earbud headphones seem to handle the low bass well. If you’re a fan of piano solos and instrumental music, you likely don’t need to worry too much about great quality bass, but for most other genre’s of music you will want the bass to really come through to get the best sound.

Choosing the right pair of earbuds doesn’t mean buying the least expensive earbuds that you can find. The dollar stores carry plenty of earbud headphones that would make a true audiophile laugh at their sound quality. Go for quality and although you have to spend a little more money, you will be happy with the sound that they are able to produce.

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